A Word on Wednesday: Mining


Mining seems a straightforward word, boring even, completely understood on its face.

It can be a noun or a verb depending on if it is used to describe the industrial act of mining or the action of mining. It is derived from variations of the word mineral. (Reference Dictionary)
However, when the word mining is used as a verb with an object, it gets to the core of the magic of the word.


The verb when used with an object means TO DIG IN or TO EXTRACT, most commonly referring to the earth or rock in order to obtain ores, coal, etc.
Going a bit deeper, another definition, (No. 15), is “to avail oneself of or draw useful or valuable material from.”

If you would like to see some images of the immense impact of mining here is a quick google image search. This type of digging in and unearthing is paramount to success as a writer.

Everyone has seen the surface. Everyone has ideas.

Be a pioneer, burrow in, and draw out something of value. Pull it from the dirt. Examine its authenticity.

Take this resource to your crafting table and create.

My most popular workshop is “Mining Memories: Jump Start Your Memoir.” You may find more information about it and other workshops at my Website. 

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