A Word on Wednesday: Counting

This week, I reached one year smoke free!
At the time of this writing, I have been a quitter for:
366 days,
06 hours,
36 minutes,
25.8 seconds. 
But who’s counting
Actually, the phone ap “Just Quit” counted for me, and the clock is still running.
It also tallied
$2,930.21 not spent on cigarettes, 
7,325 cigarettes not smoked,
109,883.35 mg tar not inhaled.
Someday, the precision of all this counting will lose significant meaning.
In time, I will stop thinking about how many days since I last pulled a drag.
Someday, I will only remember that I quit around the time I turned 40, which was more than twenty eight years after I took my first puff as a preteen.
As a hard-earned nonsmoker, I count myself lucky to have had the chance to quit.

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