A Word on Wednesday: Because

The generation of Kyras and Kaylas use because as a proposition rather than as part of a clause because, you know, millennial. And these now fully-employed adults are showing up in waves at fully-realized careers.

I read the lead article in a recent issue of “The Writer” written by a 26-year-old woman who used because in this way. So, I wonder if I need to accept this use of because, because mainstream publishing has. I mock like the snob I am.

I think they use because this way because texting, or because attention span, or because entitlement. Seriously how hard is it to use the word “of.” I realize and love that language is organic, alive, dynamically moving with time. This challenges me as a writer to clearly and concisely use the contemporary most right word.

Still, using because like this is jarring to me. But, maybe that is because old school. At another look, it could just be shorthand and efficient. Using because in this way is grammatically correct, even though I find it flippant, lazy, and too casual.

Alas, I must conform to the rhythm of prose today, because they do.


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