A Word on Wednesday: Temporary

I think about my good fortune. That is redundant, good and fortune, together like that. But, I shall not digress. I think about my current abundance: family, security, necessities, love, and even luxury. I have to remember the context of my life and that this has not always been the case and will not always be the case.

It is temporary.


My body, on this earth only. My possessions, to be sifted and sorted and discarded. My state of mind, fragile at best.

In the past, I have experienced scarcity, insecurity, longing, loss, and general disorder. My health has been strong and weak, currently an acceptable average.

To accept today and it gifts as temporary is an exercise in staying humble.

There is an expression, “to have great privilege is to have great responsibility.” I’m not sure who I owe this paying forward to. My future self, my children, the community, mankind, God? And there is the question: How much time is there to fulfill the obligation of wise and prudent living?

Temporary is an adjective that confirms the idea that lasting, existing, serving or being effective for a time only; not permanent.

It’s origin from the pure Latin, temporarius, equivalent to tempor- (stem of tempus) time + -arius, -ary. (1540-50)

A synonym is passing. The comforting words, “this too shall pass” are great in a time of strife. But, the time of joy also passes. Moments are fleeting. Like the light of a firefly, on then off again and then inaccessible altogether during the day.

I am again left with wonder of how can I make today count, what can be built that is everlasting. Christ’s love? This remains intangible. Can it be personified in me? Can it be put into the collective good? Am I strong enough to contribute? Am I audacious enough to try?

Are you?

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