A Word on Wednesday: Whimsy

It is easy for me to be contemplative, serious, and reflective. Being fun and carefree is a lot more intentional than natural for me.

It is my good fortune to have Whimsya dear friend who I associate with whimsy. Missy is the one with whom I can always laugh. She delights on the simple pleasure of living in the moment.

She always has been whimsical often wearing graphic T-shirts touting girl power, liberal slogans, or 80s bands. She encourages her teenage daughter to experiment with her hair and makeup making her look far younger than her clocked age. Missy also is the only person I know who has a chocolate tree growing in her back yard that blooms with actual candy every Easter morning.

The noun whimsy refers to capricious humor or disposition; extravagant, fanciful, or excessively playful expression. It is a fanciful notion or any product of playful fancy. It was first recorded in 1595 from whim wham.

This is not to say Missy is in the least bit shallow. She is my most trusted analyst on all things political. She works as an RN and fiercely advocates for her home care patients ensuring they receive the very best care and most genuine compassion. She is a loyal wife and mother of three.

Missy just knows how to have fun. She smiles at novelties, she sings loudly (and always on key) to show tunes or contemporary hits (never county). She grumbles knowingly at a pun and rolls her eyes at off color jokes with just a tisk tisk at the ignorant teller.

We can pass time happily with a game of sheepshead surrounded by anyone who knows “jack-of-diamonds partner.” In the twenty-five years we have been friends, I know I can count on her to help me get out of my head. She gets me onto the dance floor or karaoke stage. She’s right there with a pen and dabber at the bingo table.

As a mostly introvert, having a friend who provides regular doses of whimsy in my life is a necessity. During the endless days of Wisconsin winter a little whim wham is the best therapy for enduring til spring.

Thank you for being a friend Missy.

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