A Word on Wednesday: Capacity

Capacity is not be confused with ability, but rather considered potential.

As a noun, it is the ability to receive or contain; the maximum amount or number that can be received or contained; the power of receiving impressions, knowledge; actual or potential ability to perform yield or withstand.
There is the urban myth that humans only use ten percent of their brain capacity. This has been discredited, but I think there is truth to it as a metaphor. I feel it in me. I am not living up to potential.I tell my boys to fill their lives with so much good that there is no room left for undesirable behavior. However, I know I fill my tank with things that do not lead me to a full and worthwhile existence.
To reach capacity, it is not so much that I need to fill empty space, but empty those activities, thoughts, and tasks that do not serve me well. I am living my best capacity when I have a balance of the following: sleep, spirituality, movement, achievement, movement, having a project, structured time, and time alone.
The ability is there, the potential is unharnessed.


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