A Word on Wednesday: Hollow

As a kid, a great disappointment was the hollow bunny that was part of the bounty of the Easter basket. I delighted in finding the basket under a table or behind a chair. I discovered colorful jelly beans, foil wrapped eggs, a carton of pastel-coated-egg-shaped malted milk balls, and a towering box containing a chocolate bunny.


Each year, I hoped it was solid milk chocolate, but instead found an emptiness after biting off the ear. Nothing. There was nothing inside, just shadowed space of emptiness.

Some days, I feel my life is hollow. Void of purpose. Just window dressing.

Hollow, an adjective, is defined as having space or a cavity inside; not solid; empty, for example a hollow sphere. Its content lacking. 

On Easter Sunday, as an adult, I will rejoice at the empty tomb, the everlasting promise of salvation. The hollow bunny, of course, is unrelated. The hollow bunny is less than joyful. When I feel empty there is a longing, a desire to have more.

Though, I sometimes feel, I can perhaps be okay. Perhaps, I can feel contentment in hollow days as well as my days full of joy.

Hollow origins before 900 from Middle English holw(e), holow. In Old English it derives from holh, a hollow place; akin to hole.

A hole, something to chase down, as Alice did, and she found Wonderland.

A hole, something to be filled.

Hollow, though, can also mean a place where sheep graze. The hollow days are just a contrasting time and space. 

I could dare to look at the hollow bunny as a gift of wonder, how do they make that empty space without any openings on the surface? How is that thin coating in tact from creation to destination?
Not everything needs to be full. I could rejoice in what is rather than yearn for completeness. 

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