A Word on Wednesday: Libation

Libation, a noun, a pouring out of wine or other liquid in honor of a deity; the liquid poured out.

This delightful word comes from Latin libationem (nominative libatio) “a drink offering,” noun of action from past participle stem of libare “pour out (an offering).”

This word has lost its originally, intended sophistication. It has been used offhandedly to refer to any drinking occasion. It is often facetious such as an intoxicating beverage, as wine, especially when drunk in ceremonial or celebratory situations.

Regardless if you are honoring a deity or celebrating an occasion, the “spirit” of libation is indeed joy. Definitely not to mean over imbibing.

This is a month of joy for me. Last weekend, Mother’s Day, an acknowledgement of my mother and three sons, which needed no libations.

Next weekend, my birthday, which shall include cheers and spirits with my girlfriends. Libations in celebration of sisterhood is perfectly appropriate. I believe in the magic of women circles and honor my book club ladies, writing sisters, and way back gal pals.

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