A Word on Wednesday: Contribute

Contribute, a verb, when used with an object to give (money, time, knowledge, assistance, etc.) to a common supply, fund, etc., as for charitable purposes. Also meaning to furnish (an original written work, drawing, etc.) for publication. Contribute
I rest on the side of the border argument that we should be a refuge of safe asylum for those crossing the southern border. I’m on the side thinking it abhorrent to rip children away from parents, to cage our brothers and sisters, to have an industry profiting from this current affair.
However on this side, I am on the side lines. I think these things. I plan to vote, but other than sharing an occasional tart Facebook meme, I do nothing. I do not send money. I do not engage in debate. I do not travel to the border with water. I shake my head at the obscenity of it all. I share my shock, disbelief and horror of the situation only with those who I know are like-minded.
I live in a community with the majority voting red, many wearing the red MAGA caps, and I look the other way. No sense poking the bear I think; it won’t don’t any good I choose to believe.Yet, by remaining silent, I contribute to the passive allowance of these crimes against humanity, these behaviors against the loving and just God I believe in.I fear this land we live in full of hatred and racism. I fear this country’s leadership, and I fear my community’s steady marching in support of it. I fear my children going to school and being subjected to the echos of children spewing slurs and taunts learned at their homes.
I do not fear the immigrants reaching for help, escaping from terror only to be detained in further subhuman conditions. I believe the real threat to our county is the evil spreading from its own kind.

My hairdresser and I were chatting, becoming emotional, and we wondered aloud what could we really do. How could we contribute? 

I can actively pray. My prayer is this: “Dear God, almighty, help me find voice and action to contribute. Fill me with your love to guide my children through these mobs of wall supporters. Empower me to have both voice and action toward a solution embraced with tolerance, love, and acceptance. I pray in your name, Jesus Christ. Amen.”

Gentle readers, please light my path to contribution with suggestions in the comments as to how I can help.

Contribute, from Latin contributus, past participle of contribuere “to bring together, add, unite, collect.”


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