A Word on Wednesday: Ambition

Is ambition something you have or something you do? Well both, depending if it a fixed characteristic or an action you take.



As a noun, ambition is an earnest desire for some time of achievement or distinction, as power, honor, fame, or wealth, and willingness to strive for its attainment. Ambition is also the object state, or result desired or sought after.

One can own ambition as a desire for work or activity; energy. For example one can awake feeling tired or lacing in ambition. Contrarily, one could wake full of ambition ready to take on the work.

As a verb, ambition is the action of seeking after or to aspire to some end. Without action, ambition remains a noun, something we have but do not do. In her book “Simple Abundance, Sara Ban Breathnack, writes “Action — ambition in motion — is what produces achievement.”

It is easy to hold ambition, but without action ambition remains just a longing, a hope, a desire. As a verb, ambition connects intention with action!

Again, as a noun it is a aspiration, yearning or longing to some goal or aim. But with activity, ambition becomes something you strive toward. One can have the ambition to write a book, but until one sits with pen or keyboard, the novel idea is just a notion, never to become a realized dream. 

She had the ambition to climb the stairs. Her ambition led her up the stairs. And as an adverb, she ambitiously climbed the stairs.


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