A Word on Wednesday: Remember

The mind controls your life. You control your mind. Reflect on the word, remember. What is worthy of recall?

RememberSticky notes of forget me nots. Planners of exact dates and times — birthdays, appointments. Bulletin boards of invitations, obligations. The secret list of passwords.

We lie awake at night and remember our day. We think about what we have to do the next day.

In company, we converse about a book or movie, recall the characters, the motivations. We reminisce about the good old days.We doubt our memory, did I remember to take supper out of the freezer, to turn off the oven, to call the vet, to pack an umbrella?

And, who hasn’t walked into a room straining to recall, why did I come into this room?

Our mind is full of memories. Remember is an action, which we involuntarily do all day long. Imagine programming your remembering with intention.

Let us remember our affirmations, the assertion that something is true. Make these positive. Make this habit. Have this come to the mind, again and again.

Here is a list I remember:

  • I have social support.
  • I am surrounded by optimism.
  • I expect positive reactions.
  • I am strong enough to endure judgement.
  • I do not break.

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