A Word on Wednesday: Outcome

Goals are what we set out to do. Outcomes are the result.


I got a little discouraged this past week.

On the first full week of 2020, I got a bug. A wipe you out, interrupt your sleep, feel so bad you can’t concentrate, motivate, or do anything but try night time cough syrup, then get through the day job with Day Quill. Evenings were brief interludes with soup in a mug sipped with propped pillows lounging on the couch with comfy clothes.

It got so bad, I didn’t want to be around anyone, not even myself. I was borderline depressed by my lack of energy. My mind still wanted to get on the treadmill, mingle with friends, sit at the writing desk. You get the idea. All my good intentions timed with the new year fell by the wayside. My body said, “Too bad. You need a rest.”

By Saturday, I conceded, I wasn’t going to recover without intervention. I went to a walk-in clinic, got a script for a zpac and advice for Mucinex. I had more soup, more rest, and did some reading.

Hopefully, the bug is on its way out and I can get back to the business of 2020 goals and make measurable progress toward outcomes!

Outcome, a noun, a final product or end result; consequence; issue. A conclusion reached through a process of logical thinking.

Setting goals and resolutions is nothing new and I’ve had success. This year, I treated myself to a leather-bound, Zig Ziglar planner. The Performance Planner: A Personal Management & Goals-Achievement System is a beautiful tool. It breaks down goals into action steps. It has plenty of instruction on how to set and achieve goals. It is a planner where you pencil in the dates and breakdown the weeks into time-chunks to discipline yourself to make progress.

I love it!

It is different than other planners, and apps I have used in the past. It is executive, sleek, and loaded with inspirational quotes.

A common mantra in business is “that what gets measured gets managed.” Taking stock weekly, then daily, prompts me to measure actions that can amount to outcomes. The thing to remember is one can only control the input, not the outcome.

Two of my big goals for 2020 are: 1. Gain exposure for my writing; and 2. Open myself up to a big writing project that becomes a passion.

Action steps for the former are to blog weekly, pitch from my pile of completed poems and essays, participate in literary events, and connect with other writers. Action steps for the latter are to practice daily devotionals, read widely in desired genre, and walk regularly without music to clear my head. With the planner, I can schedule these activities.

Ziglar’s weekly reminders are to 1. Each weekend, schedule projects and activities into your calendar for the next week; and 2. Each evening or early in the morning, list your highest priorities for the day and cross off when complete.

I leave you with the following note from Ziglar, “Action is key, but direction and loyalty are paramount.”





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