A Word on Wednesday: Vibe

Vibe is an informal or slang of vibration. When you are picking up and more importantly putting out good vibrations, you are living right.

Recently, fortunately, our family took an unplugged vacation. We had awesome weather day after day, amassing two weeks of fun in the sun on the coast of a great lake in lower Michigan. 

My teenage son uses the word as a verb, “I’m vibing!” When he caught a fish, he was vibing, when we grilled, he was vibing. When we were boating, he was vibing.  Prior to our family trip, I hadn’t realized young people were using that slang. 

Recently, I read a few books about energy, positive energy in particular. Where does it come from, can it be sustained, and how can I make it work for me. My first read in my pursuit to mastering the law of attraction was Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness by Vex King.

I came away with practical insight on how to invite great opportunities into my life. I learned techniques to manifest goals, and I learned how to flow with the universe. 

I had been reluctant to believe in the Law of Attraction. I have pride in my blue collar family roots of boot strapping, hard work, and Christian values. I also have a journalism background of well-honed cynicism.  How could manifesting the life I want really be as simple as asking the universe for it?! “Imagining” greatness was certain to have no affect. What some hogwash, that I could just swig down with essential oils while basking in the scent of aromatic healing candles. 

But I read on: Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Vibe by Robin Openshaw. 

Good vibrations is nothing new, The Beach Boys sang about it in 1967.
And good vibes is here to stay. 
On the foil wrapper of a Dove chocolate, I received the reminder, “Your Vibe attracts your Tribe.”
I recently attending an essential oil class and googled green smoothies, albeit with a hard-to-shake skepticism. It’s a process to remain optimistic. I invite book suggestions on the topic of the Law of Attraction and creating good vibes. 
Peace and love to the universe! 

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