A Word on Wednesday: Broken

What is broken cannot be fixed. However, we can be healed. Scars will form or causalities will be born.


Broken as an adjective is defined as reduced to fragments; ruptured; torn; fractured; not functioning properly; out of working order. There is not beauty in brokenness. There is beauty in owning our own brokenness and walking in that vulnerability.

We allow a few to see us in this state. While others witness and offer service to help, healing is an inside job. Our ultimate creator lives in us. It is vital to draw upon that strength and create a life complete with restoration.

We all have been broken. Some heal, some adapt with dependencies. The key is to give up the man made crutches and turn to the Lord. “For with man these things are impossible, but with God all things are possible,” Matthew: 19:26.

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