A Word on Wednesday: Binding

Binding gives stability. Day job. House. Love. Family.


I reference the definition of the noun binding as the word we have for the act of fastening, securing, uniting, or the likes. Ideas bind us together. Shared beliefs are binding. We can be bound in big intentional ways or in bits of happenstance. We can be bound together in consequential and trivial ways.

Who and what you chose to bind with determines your destiny. Love binds us with our partner, with our families, with friends. Loves bind us with the Lord. Love is binding material that secures all with an unbreakable strength.

Love is a choice, we can choose to accept God’s love and share it with the world or we can chose to settle for more brittle binding materials to create our networks of connectivity. With care, we can unite our hearts and lives with those who multiply the power of our efforts.

God’s love binds us with his promise, his mercy, our own salvation. This love is sacred for sure, but accessible for everyone. There is no secret handshake. There is no dress code. There is only an open invitation from God to accept his love.

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