A Word on Wednesday: Trouble

I’m talking about the good kind of trouble. That innocent fun that comes early with eyes full of wonder exploring the mundane and magnificent with equal valor. Picture below is my cousin’s three-year-old son visiting our newest addition! A nine-week old Labrador Retriever. Toddlers and puppies! The very best kind of trouble.

I’m sliding into the empty nest, have two teenage sons and an eight-year-old wonderful small dog at home. Why would I want to get a puppy now, when freedom is so close!

I needed a little good trouble in my life. The puppy came home last week. It was a little traumatic for Walter at first being away from his mom and siblings. There were four left when we got ours, so he was one of the first to go. He slept a lot and was pretty wobbly walking in the snow. His expression teetered between confusion and amusement. He is getting more bold each day, playing with our Dancer dog, nipping at toes, carrying socks.

Yes, there are accidents. Yes, there are messes.

But I love to sit and just watch the trouble this pup is bound to get into. I love to see my boys get a little younger for just a moment longer as they catch the excitement that a puppy brings.

I believe when we fill our lives with activity that is soul nourishing, we leave little room for anything else. So, with the reckless abandon of a much younger woman, I said yes to a little good trouble with a sweet puppy.

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