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A Word on Wednesday: Sum

The Latin sum (rhymes with room) translates to “I am.” Sum is “a state of being.”   This is not to be confused as a verb such as Today — I am writing. I am eating healthy foods. I am loving my family. I am packing… Continue Reading “A Word on Wednesday: Sum”

A Word on Wednesday: Present

When the words present and presentation are brought to mind, images of light shows, power points, lectures, and other performances surface. However, the verb present (pronounced pri-zent) means to furnish or endow, to bring, to give, to hand over, to introduce, to come to show. In the purest sense of… Continue Reading “A Word on Wednesday: Present”

A word: Onward

You will not find “onward” on a compass rose. No one is sure where it goes.   Yet, I find tomorrow each time I move in its direction. Onward is often and always the only way to go.    

A Word on Wednesday: Vacancy

Generally, the modern use of the noun vacancy is only considered in context of its opposite: “No Vacancy.” And, No Vacancy seems preferred. Vacancy means there a room at the lodge, an empty office for rent, an unassigned seat on the bus (or the supreme court),… Continue Reading “A Word on Wednesday: Vacancy”

A Word on Wednesday: Hope

 The abstract hope cannot be illustrated beyond the four letters it contains. Hope, when used as a verb, is seemingly without action. We cannot see someone hoping. Hope doesn’t sound like much more than “wishful thinking,” which cannot be measured or observed. The expression,… Continue Reading “A Word on Wednesday: Hope”

A Word on Wednesday: Chapbook

A few chapbooks in my collection by Wisconsin poets: Jean Biegun, LaMoine MacLaughlin, and Stephen P. Mickey. The noun chapbook was coined in the early Nineteenth Century by combining the words chapman and book. This small paperback book, oftentimes just a mere pamphlet, is… Continue Reading “A Word on Wednesday: Chapbook”

A Word on Wednesday: Disappointed

I’m disappointed. I could be angry, but I am too tired. The world is too loud to be heard. Hopefully, not too many more people have to die. Hopefully, we can stop greed and arrogance. Hopefully, we can truly love and care for one… Continue Reading “A Word on Wednesday: Disappointed”

A Word on Wednesday: Writer’s Block

  This noun with one, and only one, definition is a legitimate dictionary entry; its origin traceable to 1945. “A usually temporary condition in which a writer finds it impossible to precede with the writing of a novel, play or other work.”  Take comfort; it is… Continue Reading “A Word on Wednesday: Writer’s Block”

A Word on Wednesday: Restore

Today, I celebrate the word restore.  Photo Credit The verb restore is one to use in prose, poetry, and conversation. It is precise in its promise of righting wrongs. The practice of restoring requires faith in bringing back the authenticity of the original. Restoring provides… Continue Reading “A Word on Wednesday: Restore”

A Word on Wednesday: Suffer

Using the verb suffer with an object is one of my word choice pet peeves. The culprit is the acceptable definition  No. 5: “to undergo, be subjected to, or endure (pain, distress, injury, or anything unpleasantness).Consider when the object of the sentence is an illness: She suffers from diabetes.… Continue Reading “A Word on Wednesday: Suffer”