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A Word on Wednesday: Mining

  Mining seems a straightforward word, boring even, completely understood on its face. It can be a noun or a verb depending on if it is used to describe the industrial act of mining or the action of mining. It is derived from variations… Continue Reading “A Word on Wednesday: Mining”

A Word on Wednesday

Here are two related facts: (1) my eighth grade teacher gave out copying dictionary pages as a punishment. ¬†And (2) in eighth grade, I broke classroom rules during social studies. Therefore, I copied plenty of dictionary pages. Was that what made me want to… Continue Reading “A Word on Wednesday”

How I write

The beautiful and blank fancy journals. The pristine journals are beautiful, inspiring, arty, and full of possibility. I have received many of these notebooks to inspire me and prompt me to write, a validation my vocation as a writer is a worthy pursuit. Pictured… Continue Reading “How I write”


On this day in my history, I was hospitalized for a psychotic break. I didn’t know it at the time; I thought I was going to a birthday party rather than the ICU of a psychiatric care center. Today’s five-year, post-breakdown anniversary is a… Continue Reading “Alleluia”