A Word on Wednesday: Should

Should is a word I am attempting to BANISH! from my vocabulary. Should sows procrastination. Should breeds dread. Should reeks of judgement.Should is classified as an auxiliary verb, with meanings including must and ought. Auxiliary verbs are used in forming tenses, moods, and voices of other verbs.I am unable to bring to mind an instance when should conjures up a positive emotion.
– should go to the car wash
– should write a letter
– should call my dad
– should go to the gym
– should send a query letter
– should make a sales call
– should consolidate my credit cards
– should calm down
– should be happy
– should take a class
– should try a new recipe
However, washing cars and trying new recipes and calling my dad are activities that do bring  happiness. Adding the verb should elicits the feeling of something unpleasant. It implies that whatever is being done in the present moment is “less than” or “not enough.”
Should also implies indecision. It fosters crippling self doubt. As I work to eliminate should from self talk and how I talk to others, I am reminded of my mother’s familiar summertime refrain:
IN or OUT!
My mom did not say, you should be either in or out. No she commanded I decide; I wasn’t born in a barn after all.
As I work to rid should from my vernacular, I work to trust myself and stand by. I will decide to accept or decline, to do or don’t, and to follow through or move on.

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