A Word on Wednesday: Audacious

Audacious, adjective, extremely bold or daring, recklessly brave; fearless: an audacious explorer. Also meaning, extremely original; without restriction to prior ideas; highly inventive.

I used to own a pair of shoes. I called them my intrepid reporting shoes. They were navy blue, knock off, canvas sneakers. I wore them with everything. On the beat doing small town journalism. On the town, checking out the trendy wine bar in the early 2000s. Walking the dog. At the coffee shop. Meeting my would be husband. 

I wore those shoes into shabby, thin soled, beaten down kicks that eventually had to be retired, not donated, but left to a landfill. I have not since bought such a daring pair of footwear. I am a bit of a mother-of-three square, blending in rather than standing out. Perhaps they were clownish, but to me their bold color and clashing casualness gave me the audacity to arrive invited or not. They served me well. 
Now, I try to recall the spirit of the younger women who wore those shoes. The audacity. 
I long for the audacity to create these Words, Crazy Words. I am audacious enough to commit them to print. Yet, I have not had the fearless, boldness to actively seek an audience. I have been content to share them with a select group of people and receive a “that’s nice.”
What would happen if I was recklessly brave enough to PUT IT OUT THERE! Who would stumble across and say “hey, more people should read this.” I miss the respect I felt for myself in creating for an audience. 
From Middle French in the 1540s, audacious, originates as a word for confident, intrepid, and daring. From Latin, daring, boldness, courage. 

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